Library References - Childrens's Programs

My references from children's programs.

Library References - Adult Crafts

My references from adult crafts programs.

Cathy - Friendly, happy, love people, nonjudgmental!

“Mr. Zoom Balloons made the class fun, entertaining, informative, and relaxing!  Enjoyed very much.  Note to Library: we must have a balloon class for Adults.  Thank you!”

Elaine Hernandez - A very grateful lady!

“Wonderful –interesting.  Would like to have a balloon class for adults.”

Loraine Calderone - I love my grandchildren.

“Mr. Hicks was a patient instructor and very entertaining.  A balloon class for Adults would be fun.”

Linda - Fun loving and happy; loves animals.

“Fun class very entertaining. Learned a lot, very interesting.”

Pam Dong - She is optimistic.

“Class was fun."

Ann - I like to walk.

“The class was fun.”

Cindy Miller - I am retired.

“Fun, Fun, Fun. Ready to learn Balloon Creatures.”

Ruth Owens - Happy- Content.

“I enjoyed the class very much it was informative, relaxing, & fun.”

Barbara Whelan  - Love the Lord, artistic, animal lover

“My mom, Erna Theodorsdottir Whelan was a professional photographer with an exceptional gift for taking portraits. “Enjoyed having music playing in the background- it was relaxing.  Class was very interesting, informative and surprisingly easy considering the directions were formidable.”

Joy - I'm a nice person.

“I played a joke on Zoom, I said, I couldn’t see it.”

Michele Lange - I am happy, content, and live a very active lifestyle.

“What a great class! It was fun, relaxing, really a unique craft.  Thanks, so much Zoom!"

Cathy Patchell - I love to read!

“A lot of Fun!”

Brenda - Nothing in moderation.

“Would go to another class with Zoom, thank you.”

Colette Mitchell - Curious.

“We have Koontz dog in common, it was great!”

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