Children's Programs

These are programs that I provide for children.

Balloons and Movement

Balloons and children are a natural fit; we transform the room and make it contagious for the parents that are watching. By the end of the show everyone is up and having a grand time. Surprise!!!

Zoom’s Comedy Magic Show

It’s not the tricks, it’s the patter.  It’s not even the patter, it’s getting everyone involved.

Giant Bubbles

Nothing is move amazing than to watch something defy the law of gravity.  Bubbles can do that.  With our special bubble juice, we get bubbles ten times the size of any bubble you have ever seen.

Poems & Balloons

This show is pure theatre; the kids are transformed with the use of balloon hats to be animal characters.  Then I recite the poems and the stage is set for drama and comedy.

Crazy Hat Day

This is truly any excuse for a party.  Best done as a family event, because the parents look great in these hats too.

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